New to Academy Kickboxing? Here are a few things you should know:

Myth: I need to go out and buy expensive gear/gloves/clothes to do Kickboxing.

Fact: Academy Kickboxing has everything you need to start today. In fact we even give you a pair of hand wraps with our first month special. Just show up in your favorite comfortable work-out clothes (T-shirt/shorts/yoga pants/sweats/etc.).

Myth: Kickboxing is only for people training to fight.

Fact: Kickboxing classes are beginner friendly and designed for everyday people wanting a new way to get in shape. We welcome all ages, shapes and sizes; from middle aged professionals needing to shed a few pounds, to college students toning up for the summer, to seniors just looking to stay active. You don’t have to be a fighter to train like one.

Myth: I need to work out or train before trying a class.

Fact:  Beginners with no martial arts or athletic experience can easily learn the fundamentals of kickboxing and enjoy the results quickly. Our trainers allow you to go at your own pace, enabling you to build up your endurance, strength, and skill as you progress.


Myth: Kickboxing is for men OR Kickboxing is for women.

Fact: Kickboxing does not discriminate. It will kick everyone’s butt equally. It is also important to note that Academy Kickboxing is not a punch and kick the air Tae Bo style workout. You will be hitting things. You will learn proper technique. You will be tired.


Myth: Kickboxing is just as good as any cardiovascular work-out.

Fact: False. During a typical kickboxing class you can burn more than the average cardio workout. Not to mention toning muscles and relieving stress. Kickboxing will work muscles you did not realize you had.


Myth: I’m going to get punched and kicked in class OR I will be fighting people in class.

Fact: Luckily, bags and pads do not hit back. Hit them as hard as you want without fear of a counter attack. This is a safe work-out. Sparring is optional and only available when we feel you are ready.