Academy Kickboxing is much more than just kickboxing. We provide you with a well-rounded workout that burns calories, relieves stress, and teaches you skills used in self-defense. Work your core, improve your cardio, and tone muscles.

We mostly practice Muay Thai Kickboxing here but mix in other Martial Arts as well.

We entertain men and women 12 and older, no matter the size or shape. Our program is suitable for all fitness levels. All you have to do is show up.

We have top quality heavy bags, uppercut bags, speed bags, pads, medicine balls, battle ropes and other equipment to give you the ultimate well-rounded workout.

No belts, No Gi, No Forms, No tests. Just you beating the stuffing out of a poor, defenseless, heavy bag.

We also sell top quality RDX, Ringside, Combat Corner, Revgear, and Meister MMA branded gear and equipment. Small town, big prices does not apply here, we will match any price in store or online.

The first class at Academy kickboxing is free! No obligation, no pressure. See if it’s for you and only if you’re satisfied then join us!

Hand wraps included with first month special.

We want to provide you the best services that we can, join us today and enjoy a martial arts workout with us!